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How do I get my home ready to sell?

Gabrielle Hazan January 16, 2024

Oftentimes we get this question a lot as Realtors. To sell your home quickly and for the most money, simply follow these simple tips. 


Make sure you give your buyers access to the home. Why is this important? Maximum exposure is ideal. In any market, if you want to prioritize the sale of your house, you can’t limit potential buyers’ access to view it. This is the number one rule. But, let’s not skip ahead of ourselves. First and foremost is to begin the preparation of getting your home ready. Start by thoroughly cleaning and decluttering the home. This allows a blank canvas for potential buyers. An easy hack is to have 3 boxes by either your front door. One can be labeled donation, the other trash, and the third recycling. Perhaps these items can find a home somewhere else if you don’t love them. Think about enhancing curb appeal with well-maintained exteriors and landscaping. 

The old saying “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” matters when the time comes to sell your home. Often, the first impression a buyer gets is what they see as they walk up to the front door. Putting in the work on the exterior of your home is just as important as what you stage inside. Freshen up your landscaping to improve your home’s curb appeal so you can make an impact on potential buyers. Can you paint that front door? Can you add some fresh plants? As far as the interior of your home, talk to your agent about staging your home. The art of staging can’t be overlooked- the ultimate goal is to provide a welcoming atmosphere. Consider taking down personal photos as these often become a distraction. Small improvements make a big difference. For example, updating a room with fresh paint, steam cleaning carpets, or removing clutter from the garage can make a big impact. As an experienced Realtor, we must set a competitive and realistic selling price based on market research. It is our goal as Realtors to make sure your transaction is smooth but also to guide you through all of these important aspects. Help us help you!

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